In my work I always have an interest in creating games that can push the boundaries with creative art styles, powerful narratives and immersive worlds.
I excel in System Design, World Design, Level Design and Narrative Design.

Venice 2089 (PC) by Safe Place Studio
Game Director, Narrative Designer, World Designer, Level Designer
2019 - ongoing

Venice 2089 is an explorative and narrative game. You'll explore the city through the eyes of Nova, a bored teenager who has currently no clue about what to do in life and just wants to relax from the stress of their usual routine. Ride your hoverboard and interact with your toy-drone, in a city affected by tides and climate change.

Oath (Demo PC) by Mentis Falli
Art Director, Level Designer
2018 - 2019

Oath is a single player isometric hack ‘n’ slash about as Aya, once a samurai, who fights to bring back peace after a great curse was cast upon the world. Using her special kusarigama able to turn blood into light Aya will try to break the Blood Moon curse, in a world where every single shadow of the environment hurts.

Underlight (Demo PC) by Mentis Falli
Art Director, World Designer
2017 - 2018

Underlight it's a 2D puzzle platformer. As a little child, flee from the monsters all around you and reach for the safety of your parents’ room. Turn on the lights to unveil what hides behind those dark creatures.

Radiowarz (Boardgame) with Marina Andreose, Daniele Artusi, Milena Sorpilli, Giacomo Garbo

Radiowarz is a party boardgame about spreading your radio show: steal your opponent’s frequencies and reach the largest audience! Place your Radio Station to spread your transmission; you’re transmitting in a region if your string crosses it. Cross all the regions in your objective card to win the game. Made during the Global Game Jam 2018, the project has been updated in the following months; the newer version of this prototype includes magnetic 3D printed Radio Stations.

Other Games

Wasted (PC)
Global Game Jam 2021

You wake up after an hangover. The keys of the house are missing, where are them? Wasted gives the player a specific goal but ends up making the player explore the environment with no clues what so ever; aren't games a waste of time afterall?

In a Heartbit - A Robot Dating Simulator (PC)
Global Game Jam 2020

After many unsuccessful tries, you finally managed to keep your components stable enough to talk to your robo-crush. It's up to you, though, to make the dream happen! In a Heartbit is a split screen game that mix a dating simulator with 2D platforming.

Ease (PC)
Global Game Jam 2019

Ease is a split-screen game where the player has to practice daily activities in a moving caravan: on the first screen, they have to drive the car, while on the other four different scenes appear in a daytime loop.

Overflying Planets (Interactive Installation) with Riccardo Muffato and Giacomo Dimatore

In Overflying Planets, the player can interact with the planet displayed on the screen: moving towards makes it roll while jumping changes its appearance. Installation made with Max/MSP and Xbox Kinect.


Besides working on personal projects, my interests in art and technology lead me to meet communities and participate in local projects.
I always perceived education for younger generations as an occasion to widen points of view and discover new ideas.

Freelance Digital Educator
2021 - ongoing

I attended courses and workshop for young people on several technologic subjects such as Game Design, Visual Novels, Electronics and Robotics.
I teached how to develop games with Scratch, Ren'py, Twine and how to use technological devices such as Mbot, Microbit, Arduino, 3D printers and more.
I collaborated with companies such as Fab Lab Castelfranco Veneto, Fiber and Glass Studio.

Project Manager at Spazio+
2019 - 2020

I lead a team of 4 people during the organization of a series of workshops and talks dedicated to young people about architecture, design, art, electronic and gaming.
I attended two talks about non-violent games and e-sports, as well as coordinating workshops of Unity3D, interactive design, retro-gaming and boardgame sessions.

Tutor at Fondazione Golinelli in a VR Summer School
September 2019

I helped a group of high school students during the creation of 3 VR projects inspired by Da Vinci painting "La Battaglia di Anghiari"; in 1 week we created an escape room, a sword game and a crafting-arcade game.
Leading 2 months of polishing, all the VR experiences have been exhibited the U-Mano showcase at Opificio Golinelli.

Educator in Arduino and 3D printing workshops
2019 - 2020

I designed and attended various Arduino courses for middle school students, teaching the programming basics on creating simple circuits, from blinking some LEDs to creating automated vertical garden.In some workshop I also teached modelling basics to print custom printed 3D objects guiding the students through the realization of personal projects.

Visual Art

During my education in Visual Arts, my artistic research focussed on Land Art and Social Art.
Thus lead me in the creation of outdoor installations and exhibitions that escaped the closure of museums, approaching local communities and activating conversations with public spaces.

Museo Vendesi (Installation, Research)

Museo Vendesi is an artistic project that sums up some of my artistic researches that took place in Porto Tolle, a little town in the delta of Po river. During a local festival an exhibition of old traditional farming tools of that area were presented to the population accompanied by on-site installations., displayed as a contemporary art exhibition in an empty newsstand. The objects had an urgency to be relocated in an appropriate structure, as they were "sold" and put in a shop as a act of protest.

Parco Esplorativo di Fusina (Installation)

A site specific installation made at Fusina, on a nobody's limb of land near Venice. This improductive territory has been used by local citizen as a place for walking out the dog or practice some fishing: cutting the grass and creating safe paths, I transformed the site in a explorative public park that transforms the rural structures in points of interest.

Events and Interviews

Events I attended:

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Interviews and Talks

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